Common Areas of Mis Selling - FREE Information Video

Below is a video briefly giving FREE information on the most commonly mis sold car finance product that being PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) & how you could qualify for a payout.

Have you been Mis Sold Car Finance?

It is estimated that over 10 Million people in the UK have been Mis Sold Car Finance!

Common Areas of Mis Selling are ..

PCP Commissions

Customers not made aware of amount of commissions paid to dealer from finance company as a result of the sale of the vehicle.

Putting Customers Under Pressure:-

Not giving customers sufficiant time to assess the deal offered and an alternative option.

Lack of Information:-

Salesperson did not explain the commissions, the interest charges, who actually owns the car, who's responsible for repairs, final payments, the term of the agreement, the type of agreement etc.

Financial Options:-

Not offered a comprehensive range of other financial products which may have worked out cheaper.


Low mileage used eg. 8k per annum when dealer knows you do 15k per annum or more and you will have excess mileage charges applied, could be £2000+. Sometimes this ties you into the dealer or manufacturer.

Excess Mileage:-

Mileage charges not relative to the impact on market value or residual value.


Customer is not in a position to make payments throughout the term of agreement.

Trade in Blowing Figures:-

Eg. adding £2000 to trade in price or inflating price of car being purchased, eg. if customer bought car cash they would get £2000 discount on car or dealer support etc.

Understand What You Are Signing For:-

Many customers don’t even know what they are signing for, eg. going from a 3 year PCP to a 4 year PCP to get the price down but not being fully explained to the customer by sales person.

Have You Made An Informed Decision:-

Customers thought they had HP when actually it was PCP and customers were unaware. Customers feel silly or embarrased and don’t challenge supplying dealer or finance company.

FCA Report

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a report in March 2019 called our work on motor finance - final findings. We would suggest that you read this report as it is a public document and will give you a better understanding of motor finance and the issues identified. .

Links To Important Information

Payment Deferral FCA Motor finance agreements:

Payment Deferral For Insurance FCA Coronavirus Information:

ICO SARs How to access your information:

(FCA) Statement

FCA spokesman Jonathan Davidson said: “We found that some motor dealers are overcharging unsuspecting customers over a thousand pounds in interest charges in order to obtain bigger commission payouts for themselves."

"We also have concerns that firms may be failing to meet their existing obligations in relation to pre-contract disclosure and explanations, and affordability assessments.”


Now experts are claiming the borrowers could be able to claim money back under a similar type of agreement to PPI claims under the Plevin rules.

The Plevin case held that borrowers who were not informed of excessive commission paid on a policy at the point of sale were mis-sold and eligible for a refund.

Last year the car subscription service Drover found in research that 28% of motorists reported feeling trapped in unaffordable car finance agreements.

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