About Us

Hi, I’m James, Founder and CEO Of Mis sold Car Finance I have owned and operated a number of car dealerships and have 35 years’ experience in the motor trade and finance industry – not to mention relationships built up with some of the top solicitors and legal companies within the UK.
Over these 35 years, I’ve bought and sold thousands of cars. I was also approved by the FCA and was able to offer finance in various forms from PCP, HP, leasing so have a full knowledge of the industry and how it works.
At my dealerships, I was responsible for recruiting and employing staff, many of whom had come from main dealers.
I was absolutely flabbergasted at some of the sales tactics they employed and how they broke or bent so many rules set out by the FCA. And all of this often with full dealer principal knowledge and encouragement, and in some cases part of the training.
The people that were affected, these were good, honest, hardworking individuals who had simply been taken advantage of. And almost conned into these deals using smoke and mirrors to confuse the customers. If you think back to your deal, did you feel you were in full control at all times and made a fully informed decision?
I was totally shocked that this was going on – this is literally how and why Mis Sold Car Finance was set up.
I have spent fortunes on various test cases and various challenges with finance companies and the courts. All to get to the point I am at now when case law is established, and hundreds of claims have been paid. I have the perfect process set up and I’m working with some of the best solicitors in the country just to give you the knowledge you need to recover the money that was stolen from you. Just click the button below and get an instant valuation!

Our Mission

Our mission at Missold Car Finance is simple…
We want to help good honest, hard-working, good people get their money back.
That is our one and only goal as a company and we’re proud to say that we are fulfilling our mission, successfully paying out on 95% of all accepted claims.
So, what are you waiting for? Act now to avoid missing out! We have no idea when these claims will stop being paid out so click the button below, get your instant valuation and start your claim NOW!

We Work with The Best Solicitors in The UK To Move Your Claim Forward.

Our Solicitors are a multi-disciplinary tech law firm providing the full range of legal services. Whether you are a private client or a business, we have the best solicitors available to fight your corner. We emphasise repeat client instructions, so we focus on developing relationships that last and we do this better than any other firm.

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